Cocoa - Gourmet Gift Basket Supplies

Shop bulk hot and cold chocolate mixes and chocolate bombs

Looking for the perfect gift for the chocolate lover in your life? Look no further than Imperial Foods' cocoa gourmet gift basket supplies! Our luxurious hot and cold cocoa mixes are made with a confectioner's chocolate base, full cream milk, and other decadent flavors, sure to brighten up anyone's day. Serve these chocolate mixes as a comforting hot drink for winter, or an iced concoction for summer. Choose a classic flavor like Dark, White, Milk Chocolate, or Double Chocolate, or a specialty mix like Caramel, Truffle, or Peppermint, then top it off with whipped cream, marshmallows, or waffle biscuits for a special twist. 

12/1 oz. Shovel Cocoas- Assorted
24/1 oz. Mocha Latte Mix
48/1.25 oz Holiday Cocoa Asst.
24/1 oz. Mocha - Caramel
24/1 oz. Mocha - Double Chocolate
24/1 oz. Cocoa - Choc. Truffle
24/1 oz. Cocoa - Peppermint
24/1 oz. Cocoa - White Chocolate
23/.85oz. Ghirardelli Double Hot Chocolate Packets
16/1.5 oz. Ghira. Peppermint Hot Choc.
Assorted Cocoa Amore (Case of 48 1.25oz packets) ASSEMBLY
C0403 Assembly Assorted Cocoas
24/1 oz. Cocoa - White Chocolate
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