Dolcetto brand was established in 1995 by Fusion Gourmet, a company that produces a range of food and beverage products. Dolcetto was created to showcase matcha green tea, black cocoa and Sumatran coffee in delectable wafer bites and cookies, and Italian olive oil in Puglia region-made Tuscan crisps and crostinis. Today, Dolcetto remains a favorite brand among snack lovers and continues to promote the rich culinary heritage of Indonesia and Italy.

Dolcetto Wafer Rolls, Bites & Squares

Indulge in our delicately rolled European-style wafers that are generously filled with creamy chocolate, vanilla, tiramisu and cappuccino, and more. We use premium exotic ingredients such as Sumatran coffee beans, black cocoa and Matcha green tea to craft our exquisite collection of wafer rolls & bites. Decadently wonderful, especially with ice cream or coffee, our wafers are the perfect treat any time of day.

Dolcetto Tuscan Crisps

Dolcetto Tuscan Crisp from Italy are baked with olive oil & healthful ingredients like Chia seeds. Delicate, thin & crisp, they are amazing with cheese & appetizers but also addictive as a healthy snack on their own.

Dolcetto Crostini Crackers

Dolcetto Crostini Crackers from Italy are baked with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt & other premium ingredients.  Our savory, crisp bite size crackers are amazing with appetizers, wine & cheese but also sensational as a healthy snack right out of the box.

12/5.3 oz. Crisps - Rosemary
12/5.3 oz. Crisps - Italian Cheese
10/8.8 oz. Cubetti Bag - Hazelnut
96/.7oz. Wafer Bites - Lemon Single
96/.7oz. Wafer Bites - Choc. Single
12/3 oz. Dolcetto - Tins - Strawberry
12/3 oz. Dolcetto - Tins - Vanilla
12/3 oz. Dolcetto - Tins - Lemon
12/3 oz. Dolcetto - Tins - Tiramisu
12/3 oz. Dolcetto - Tins - Choc
12/5.3 oz Tuscan Crisp - Parmesan Garlic & Herb
12/5.3 oz Tuscan Crisps - Sour Cream & Onion