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Mustard can be used as a condiment on sandwiches, hotdogs, burgers, or deli meat or as an ingredient in recipes, as a salad dressing. Mustard is a healthy condiment choice because it contains no fat, calories, or cholesterol. If refrigerated, mustard stored in jars can last a long time (about 2 years). Imperial Foods mustard in Slow Cooked, Sweet and Tangy, Dill, Sweet'n'Hot, Champagne, Stone Ground, Bavarian, Honey Mustard, Key Lime, Cranberry, and Beer Mustard flavors is available in single regular size and mini-glass jars and in assorted sets.

12/5 oz Sweet & Tangy Mustard
36/1.4 oz Sweet/Tangy Mustard
24/1.4oz. Mini-Mustards-Assorted
144/1.4oz. Mini-Mustards-Assorted
36/2.25 oz. Beer Mustard Asst.
12/5 oz Cranberry Mustard
12/5 oz. East Shore Lime w/Ginger Mustard
36/2.25 oz. Beer Mustard Asst. Best By 06/2024
ML3175 Clearance June 2024